Connected Commerce Research Report

As the retail landscape evolves to make the purchasing process more seamless and ubiquitous, consumer shopping behavior is changing in myriad ways. This evolution presents both challenges and opportunities, and it has paved the way for a new advertising paradigm – Connected Commerce. This paradigm brings brands closer than ever to the critical commerce moments that matter. 

In partnership with Flywheel, OMG Signal’s latest study provides an in-depth look at how consumers are reshaping their shopping journeys, and what they expect of brands and retailers where “omnichannel” is the new normal.  The report reveals that 80% of consumers now bypass traditional shopping steps, jumping directly from inspiration to purchase. ​​

Dive into the full study to learn how consumers’ behaviors and expectations are changing and read our accompanying white paper on how to optimize media investments and engage consumers effectively in the age of modern commerce.

To learn more, download the full report.