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CANNES – Omnicom Media Group, a unit of the advertising holding company, announced partnerships with Instacart, Amazon, The Trade Desk and TikTok that aim to help brands reach target audiences while supporting e-commerce. The collaborations also seek to build on the growing segment of influencer marketing.

“The opportunity with all of these partnerships is the ability to link upper funnel channels to retail outcomes,” Megan Pagliuca, chief activation officer at Omnicom Media Group, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Jon Watts. “This announcement sets up the future of video and influencer to be much more accountable than it has been in the past. Not just looking at reach or GRPs and influencers, not just looking at likes and follows, but looking really at sales.”

Integrating with Instacart

Omnicom this month the first agency to integrate its systems with the Instacart Developer Platform (IDP), an application programming interface developed by the delivery app. The program uses Instacart’s online grocery platform to connect lists made by creators – such as recipes, project materials or “get ready with me routines” – with retailers that sell the items.

“The Instacart partnership has a huge value to the consumer experience,” Pagliuca said.  “For the brands, we now again have influencer being an accountable media channel where we can measure the sales of the influencer posts.”

The Trade Desk

Omnicom announced what the company described as a first-of-its-kind collaboration with The Trade Desk, the demand-side platform, to co-develop custom solutions for advertisers. The integration brings together The Trade Desk’s TV data and Flywheel’s commerce data through Omni, Omnicom’s operating system for all its agencies.

“We have dedicated engineers….that are working together to build bespoke solutions for our clients,” Pagliuca said. “One of those capabilities we actually used in this year’s upfront. So over 40 of our clients adopted this new capability where we have a much better view of the reality of consumer behavior in CTV.”

Amazon Prime Video

Omnicom formed strategic partnership with e-commerce giant Amazon, whose Amazon Ads service gathers data on browsing, shopping and streaming insights. The information can be tied directly to linear and CTV ad spending to purchases on Amazon.

“One of the challenges for brands has been: Wow, how do I think about Amazon Prime Video in my media mix? How do I think about it in the upfronts?” Pagliuca said. “What we’ve found in bringing together viewership data into the Amazon Marketing Cloud and being able to look at reach, frequency and sales in comparison with Prime Video is that it’s a significantly smart investment.”

The other part of the partnership is one the supply side of the media market. With Amazon Publisher Cloud, Omnicom is working with major TV networks and bringing in viewership signals.

TikTok Shop and Flywheel

Omnicom’s e-commerce unit Flywheel received certification from TikTok Shop, the social video app’s online shopping platform. Flywheel aims to help Omnicom clients get the most out of TikTok’s ability to drive direct sales.

“We can both bring in cultural signals from our Q platform to select influencers to understand cultural resonance,” Pagliuca said. “Flywheel has become the first holding company entity that has a TikTok Shop partnership. So, we have this holistic offering where we can do data-driven, influencer planning, measurement and TikTok Shop optimization.”