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OMG wraps it 2023 Cannes Commerce blitz with a Criteo and Infosum partnership

June 22, 2023

June 22, 2023 | By Michael Bürgi Fresh off announcing a sales-side platform called Commerce Grid together a week ago, Omnicom Media Group and commerce media company Criteo are collaborating on a data and clean-room partnership enabled by InfoSum, Digiday has learned. OMG and Criteo, using InfoSum’s clean-room tech, will match audience data from Omni (Omnicom’s open source operating system) and first-party data from clients with Criteo’s shopping intent insights generated from some 750 million daily active users to achieve maximum precision and efficiency — all within the bounds of privacy safety. Both parties say it’s the first time an…

OMG and Albertson Media Collective partner to enable cross-channel video planning and attribution

June 21, 2023

June 21, 2023 | By Michael Bürgi Building on an initial partnership they announced back in January at CES, Omnicom Media Group and Albertsons Media Collective are escalating their relationship around investing in connected TV, Digiday has learned. It’s a continuation of a series of deals Omnicom and its units are unveiling this week at Cannes Lions to attempt to cement its position as a leading holding company active in commerce media. This deal, which the companies announced this morning at Cannes Lions, centers around multi-party clean-room technology that allows for multiple data streams to be melded in order to power enhanced cross-channel video…

Uber partners with Omnicom Media Group to meld rider data with Omni’s insights

June 20, 2023

June 20, 2023 | By Michael Bürgi Continuing its rollout of new partnerships and collaborations in the commerce media space that it’s announcing at Cannes Lions this week, Digiday has learned that Omnicom Media Group has partnered with Uber Advertising on a data collaboration that will let the media agency network serve up its clients’ advertising using Uber’s mobility and delivery signals. It’s the first partnership with an agency holding company that Uber has struck to date. The pact kicks off in the U.S., but according to Dr. Mark Gether, Uber Advertising’s general manager, it’s expected to expand to include…

OMG’s Marc Rossen Kicks off Adweek’s Look at Privacy Compliance in Clean Rooms

March 17, 2023

Advertisers Get Ahead of Potential Privacy Hiccups in Data Clean Rooms Privacy regulators are getting more muscular By Trishla Ostwal For all marketer excitement about the capabilities of data clean rooms, there has been a growing misconception that the data within them is automatically privacy safe. While there haven’t (yet) been any high-profile data breaches connected with clean rooms, some in the ad industry are trying to limit the likelihood that there will be, and are putting steps in place to continue building confidence among buyers and sellers around data sharing. “Using a data clean room doesn’t automatically translate to total privacy…

Disney Opens Its Data Clean Room To VideoAmp, Paving The Way For Enhanced Ad Targeting

December 6, 2022

By Jack Neff, AdAge Disney Advertising is letting VideoAmp into its clean room under an integration agreement announced today that will let advertisers served by both companies make privacy-compliant audience matches using Disney and VideoAmp data. The deal does not cover the use of VideoAmp as a currency in upfront deals for Disney’s TV networks, including ABC and ESPN, as VideoAmp has done with such networks as Paramount and TelevisaUnivision. Besides Nielsen, Disney has also offered deals using Comscore and SambaTV data. The deal does allow for custom integrations between Disney’s Audience Graph, ad exposure log files and VideoAmp’s proprietary…