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Purposeful profit

A move from growth at all costs to growth at the right cost. If the last couple of years has highlighted one thing, it’s that short term growth isn’t sustainable, and often comes at a greater cost down the line. We as growth partners, should be guiding our clients around growth in the right way, that builds better, more meaningful relationships and ensures that increased life time value and revenue for brands.

Modern marketing = co-creation

As strategic partners to our clients, we are often flexing around how clients are structured and siloed, flexing to build around them. As we move forward the future is going to be much more about co-creation, and moments of ‘painful transition’ will actually become moments of ‘meaningful transformation’ for clients, where we can concrete the models that also shift the way they think and stricture themselves internally.

Redefining the impression

It is the right word, but the wrong definition. As we move into the year ahead, brands need to shift focus from standard media metric, did the ad land on a screen, to metrics that elicit an impression on the mind of consumers and therefor a valuable response. Humans are habitual creators and when advertising stays pretty static, the mind learns to ignore it and creates habits around it. Making an impression is going to need more innovation and a focus on communications that drive emotional responses to stay top of mind.