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AI disruption

In 2023 and beyond we will see many new tools and value mechanisms to help brands and consumers express themselves in new ways. Expect ChatGPT and GPT-4 (due very soon) to disrupt search, AI Art to shift creative production, enabling brands to deliver a range of high value adjacent services democratized by these technologies.

Creative solutions in privacy and permissions

Universal identifiers, clean rooms and first-party data will continue to grow in 2023 but more is needed. Contextual technologies are far more sophisticated, understanding far more about environments built in-part on the new AI Large Language Models. New zero party solutions where consumers control their own data profiles will start to emerge and use cases that can scale through the rest of the decade will be defined.

Attention Outcomes

Expect to see more utilization of attention to deliver better outcomes for brands, media owners and consumers alike minimizing unnecessary attention across all channels. Building on studies published in 2022, OMG will share more on how brands can leverage attention in different contexts to achieve desired outcomes based on data from around the world.