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In our third edition of SXSW Leadership Perspective, Wilson sat in on The New Playbook for Winning Customer Loyalty, which discussed how several high stake business hurdles such as inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain issues are colliding with sky high consumer expectations. Here’s the dish on building and maintaining long-term brand loyalty…

Key Learnings from the session: 

Incentivizing loyalty: Investing in the quality of your product, ensuring accessibility, and identifying relevance in consumer passion points are key pillars of building authentic connection with your audience. Providing experiences that are not only innovative, but also consumer-centric, is imperative.

Meet your audience where they are: Knowing your audience has never been more important. Marketers will be increasingly tasked with ideating personalized consumer experiences by leveraging tech, data, and AI to understand how their audience behaves and changes. Brand loyalty is strengthened when your messaging resonates with your audience at the right place and time.

Preparing for economic downturn: Brands can remain top-of-mind even during periods of economic uncertainty by continuing to differentiate their offerings and keeping their consumer at the forefront of their strategy.