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Omnicom Media Group’s Council on Accountability and Standards in Advertising (CASA) is a collaboration of OMG agencies, clients, and media partners committed to enhancing buyer control, seller transparency and brand safety for advertisers across developing media channels by empowering buyers by defining and core advertiser rights and driving corresponding media owner capabilities that empower marketers and hold partners accountable:

Launched in 2020 as the Council for Accountable Social Advertising, CASA was founded on a simple premise:  advertisers have a right to know where their ad is seen, who’s seeing it, how it is delivered, whether the content aligns to brand values, and how consistently a platform is delivering on all of these requirements. For the past three years CASA has been engaging with all of the major social platforms to establish standards and enable capabilities to secure and sustain these rights.

CASA Social Media Standards

Currently, all  of the eight  social media platforms engaging with CASA  are either fully enabled, live, in beta testing or agreed in principle across all five CASA pillar capabilities.

CASA has also engaged with the 4As and GARM to get key capabilities like adjacency controls standardized across the industry. This engagement creates a unified development target for all platforms, enabling  seller confidence in a good return on their engineering investment.

GARM started its work four years ago to help ad buyers and sellers drive more transparent decisions, choice, and controls on ad placement relative to content safety and suitability. Developing Adjacency Standards is an enabler in realizing that objective, and OMG’s partnership via their CASA framework has been an enabler in that workstream. With standards developed, we’re keen to progress together to understand how platforms enable them via first party tools, third party integrations – and ultimately independent verification of their effectiveness.” Rob Rakowitz, Initiative Lead ‑ Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM)

We applaud and support  Omnicom Media Group’s efforts to collectively address these industry issues by identifying opportunities for transparency throughout the media ecosystem to ensure a better user experience and investment for marketers.”

Marla Kaplowitz, President and CEO, The 4As

CASA 2.0

Recognizing the need for standardization across other emerging and rapidly growing media channels, in 2023 OMG launched CASA 2.0 , expanding the mission to include lude SSPs, retail media networks and CTV  and re-branding as the  Council on Accountable Social Advertising to the Council on Accountability and Standards in Advertising .

By leveraging the power of platforms like CASA, The Clorox Company is able to create personalized and engaging experiences for our consumers at scale across social media channels, while advancing our values of innovation, brand safety and consumer-centricity. We look forward to continuing this OMG partnership with CASA 2.0 in order to see similar impact across SSP, retail and CTV environments and investment.”

Eric Schwartz, CMO, Clorox

CASA SSP Standards

CASA SSP is currently engaging with six of the major SSPs, all of which have now enabled at least half of the recommended pillar capabilities within their platforms.

With the advertising industry and technology landscape rapidly changing, having access to not only learn about – and also inform- the fundamental challenges advertisers are facing, and what future platform expectations should look like, is invaluable. CASA gives clients  confidence that we are being heard and we have a seat at the table as OMG  works directly with SSPs to define  standards and delivers capabilities that impact media ROI and  brand safety.”

Jillian Davis, Director of Marketing Technology, Cox Automotive

CASA Retail Media Standards

CASA Retail is currently engaging with eight of the largest and fastest growing retail media networks , all of which have now enabled at least one  of the recommended pillars capabilities, while  half are enabled against three out of the  four.

“The growth potential of Retail Media Networks and the channel’s singular offer to marketers is the  proximity to sales that allows a direct link from brand message to product purchased  even more importantly, to measure incrementality. In other words, was this a sale that would have happened anyway, or did the ad drive it?  And which channels are delivering the best ROI against this metric?  This level of attribution can only be achieved when media owners commit to a shared standard of accountability that includes incrementality testing, measurement and reporting.    As a company that has been a vocal advocate for standards, and has adopted or is the process of adopting each CASA Retail pillar, we believe that efforts like CASA and the Albertsons Media Collective standards framework are critical to driving growth in retail media channels – for brands and media owners alike.”

Kristi Argyilan, SVP, Retail Media, Albertsons Companies

“Retail purchase signals hold the potential to transform advertising. But today, not every retailer is handling their data with the same accuracy or reliability. We’re at a moment where advertisers need every retail media network to invest the resources and talent it takes to operate a credible media company. We’re glad to see initiatives like OMG’s CASA setting clear expectations. As more retailers get serious about media, the impact will resonate across the advertising landscape.”

Cara Pratt, SVP Kroger Precision Marketing

CASA CTV Standards

CASA CTV is currently engaging with the seven streaming networks and six OEMs/devices that represent 90% of all CTV bought programmatically,  all of which are now fully enabled against at least one pillar,  and agreed in principle/road mapped for at least two more.