Orchestrating Data

Ari Huq

Feb 22, 2024

Byte-Sized: How creatives are adopting generative AI as assistants

February 22, 2024 | By Alyona Uvarova Episode 3 of Byte-Sized: AI for marketers examines how creatives are using generative AI to bring their ideas to life faster. From text-to-image generators like Midjourney and Dall-E, to chatbots…

Ari Huq

Feb 20, 2024

What’s possible with generative AI? Introducing Byte-Sized: AI for Marketers

February 20, 2024 | By Alyona Uvarova Campaign US kicks off a video series exploring the implications of generative AI for creatives, strategists and data analysts in advertising and marketing. Generative AI is revolutionizing the advertising industry…

Alexa Garcia

Feb 12, 2024

Disney Harnesses AI to Drive Streaming Ad Technology

By Dawn Chmilelewski | February 9, 2024 Walt Disney (DIS.N), opens new tab is harnessing artificial intelligence to power a new advertising tool that will help brands tailor their commercials to fit the mood of specific scenes within a…

Ari Huq

Nov 14, 2023

Future of TV Briefing: Inside the Development of Disney’s Data Clean Room

November 8, 2023 | By Tim Peterson This week’s Future of TV Briefing looks at how Disney’s data clean room business has progressed since rolling out two years ago. Disney plus data Two years after Disney unveiled its…

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Oct 23, 2023

Media Buying Briefing: A look at data standardization as generative AI and privacy landscape changes

October 23, 2023 | By Antoinette Siu No agency can escape measurement challenges these days — but many are looking to tighten up their data standards practices as generative artificial intelligence and privacy changes exert more influence…

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Jun 20, 2023

Uber partners with Omnicom Media Group to meld rider data with Omni’s insights

June 20, 2023 | By Michael Bürgi Continuing its rollout of new partnerships and collaborations in the commerce media space that it’s announcing at Cannes Lions this week, Digiday has learned that Omnicom Media Group has partnered…

Ari Huq

Jun 16, 2023

OMG’s Ryan Eusanio Talks Auction Packages vs PMPs with Digiday

June 12, 2023 | By Michael Bürgi Can open-exchange or open marketplace programmatic ever overcome its reputation as a muddled and confusing source of low-quality inventory that can land a media buyer’s client in the wrong place?…


Apr 19, 2023

Annalect partners with Affinity Solutions to expand OMG’s lead in custom audience capabilities

April 19, 2023 | By Alyssa Boyle Just about every measurement provider is trying to get its hands on more viewership data ahead of the upfronts. On Wednesday, outcomes-based measurement provider Affinity Solutions announced a new consumer…

Ari Huq

Mar 17, 2023

OMG’s Marc Rossen Kicks off Adweek’s Look at Privacy Compliance in Clean Rooms

Advertisers Get Ahead of Potential Privacy Hiccups in Data Clean Rooms Privacy regulators are getting more muscular By Trishla Ostwal For all marketer excitement about the capabilities of data clean rooms, there has been a growing misconception that…

Alex Carvalho

Dec 6, 2022

Disney Opens Its Data Clean Room To VideoAmp, Paving The Way For Enhanced Ad Targeting

By Jack Neff, AdAge Disney Advertising is letting VideoAmp into its clean room under an integration agreement announced today that will let advertisers served by both companies make privacy-compliant audience matches using Disney and VideoAmp data. The…

[email protected]

Nov 18, 2022

TelevisaUnivison Partners With Omnicom for Hispanic Household Data Graph

By Mollie Cahillane, Adweek Omnicom Media Group will be the first agency to team up with TelevisaUnivision to leverage its Hispanic household data graph. Top line  The data graph will integrate with OMG’s identity solution, Omni ID,…

Alex Carvalho

May 24, 2022

Beyond Clean Rooms, Brands Need Clean Houses

Today’s column is written by Marc Rossen, SVP investment and activation analytics at Omnicom Media Group. Clean rooms are emerging to provide the advertising industry a life raft in the era of cookie deprecation. On the one…

Alex Carvalho

May 19, 2022

Omnicom Debuts Video Ad Honing Tool, Powered by Google Data

A seasonal retailer is scrambling to advertise a new Mother’s Day promotion. The company only has two weeks to make sure its creative hits the spot with its target audience, but lacks both the time to conduct…

Alex Carvalho

May 9, 2022

How Omnicom Media Group is making sense of clean room complexities

The programmatic advertising industry is transitioning from a cookie-based era to what could become the age of the clean room. Managing that transition isn’t so easy, though. Publishers are already feeling a little overwhelmed, and marketers are…

Alex Carvalho

Mar 14, 2022

NBCUniversal Opens Clean Room to Omnicom Amid First-Party Data Arms Race

NBCUniversal has struck a deal with Omnicom Media Group to make it the first agency to have access to NBCU's audience insights hub—or “clean room” solution. The agreement comes as first-party data becomes a more critical sell…

Alex Carvalho

Feb 7, 2022

How Omnicom’s Data Platform Helps Clorox Clean Up

Looking to refine your retail marketing campaign? Join leaders from Wayfair, PacSun, Rent the Runway and more at Commerce Week, July 26–28, in NYC. We'll explore purpose-driven marketing, the Metaverse, social commerce, community and more. Save 40%…

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Nov 12, 2021

OMG’s New Leadership Leans Into Clean Rooms and Agency Collaboration

This article was originally published by Campaign. There were times when Omnicom Media Group’s new global CEO Florian Adamski didn’t know whether the agency landscape would be able to adapt to rapid and relentless change. COVID-19 changed…

[email protected]

Oct 6, 2021

OMG “New Normal” Research Continues to Track COVID-19 Impact on Consumer Behaviors, Attitude and Confidence

This article was originally published by Media Village. Omnicom Media Group's primary research team, led by Managing Director Pamela Marsh, has been conducting a longitudinal study among 1,000 respondents over the course of 17 waves fielded since…

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Jul 9, 2021

Omnicom Media Group Formally Endorses UID 2.0 in a Bid to Move the Post-Cookie Future Forward

This article was originally published by Digiday. Omnicom Media Group (OMG), the media arm of holding company Omnicom, has formally endorsed Unified ID 2.0 as the post-cookie solution best suited so far for its clients and publisher…

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Jul 7, 2021

Omnicom Integrates Teads’ Cookieless Targeting Tech Into Omni Platform

This article was originally published by Campaign. Omnicom Media Group (OMG) is teaming up with Teads to prepare for the cookieless future. The media agency group is using Teads’ cookieless ad targeting tool, called Cookieless Translator, to…