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Throughout the week, OMG’s Global Head of Strategic Engagement, Chris Stephenson, will provide key insights and takeaways from each of these themes — highlighting the issues shaking, shaping, and transforming the advertising.

Key Learnings from Day 1: 

What does the future hold for CTV advertising creative?

Currently, channels mainly attract repurposed linear TV ads — but why shouldn’t the traditional ad-break model evolve for the CTV ecosystem? Katie Coteman, Head of Advertising and Partnerships, UK and Ireland at Warner Bros Discovery, told Advertising Week Europe that her channel is trialing ad-break innovation, including takeover 90-second pre-rolls and static ads that fill the screen when a viewer hits pause.

How should we define ‘television content’?

BARB, the UK’s measurement body, argues that AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, and FAST channel content must meet its ‘Fit for TV’ criteria, which includes editorial oversight to ensure brand safety and a high standard of quality. However, are consumers on the same page? The CTV ad-spend floodgates won’t open until individuals, as well as devices, form part of the measurement puzzle. Defining where video and user-generated content ends, and CTV begins, is therefore vital.

Collaboration and standardization are key for the future of CTV ad-spend.

Amy Tocock, Director of Investment Strategy at PHD UK, told Advertising Week Europe that the growing complexity of the CTV landscape means that the conversations had today will pave the way for proving reach, audience, and the medium’s effectiveness as part of the marketer’s long-term objectives.