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Omnicom is the first agency holding company with access to Comscore’s new consumer data. Our Omni platform now boasts new privacy-safe e-commerce and audience behavioral data for more precise targeting. Learn more (via Next TV):

Comscore said it reached an expanded agreement with Omnicom that will provide the ad agency with privacy-safe e-commercial and audience behavioral data.

Omnicom is the first agency holding company to get access to the new consumer data. It will be fed into the agency’s Omni operating system, which is designed to enable more relevant and effective creative development, media planning and buying, optimization and analytics for Omnicom clients.

“This new Comscore integration gives us unprecedented visibility into the consumer journey – and that translates to a singular degree of precision in targeting audiences and creating end-to-end consumer experiences,” said Slavi Samardzija, CEO of Annalect, the Omnicom data and analytics division that developed and oversees Omni. “It exemplifies the benefits of our federated and best-in-class approach to data architecture, which enables us to source data with the highest level of consumer privacy controls and the most relevance for our clients.”

The data is part of Comscore’s Activation suite, which can help advertisers reach specific demographics, behavioral audiences, and TV and OTT audiences.

“As media consumption continues to evolve, Comscore remains committed to providing audience measurement solutions that are focused on privacy, accuracy and scale – across all screens,” said John Bulgrin, senior VP at Comscore. “Integrating Comscore behavioral data into the Omni operating system will deliver more actionable insights that will improve outcomes for Omnicom’s clients.”