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Improvement in experiences

In 2023, we expect overall improvement in advertising experiences for the consumer. Privacy,  technology and measurement solutions are moving the industry forward to meet the challenges around consumer privacy,  over exposure to advertising for the consumer and overall ad engagement.   Ultimately 2023 will be the year the consumer will have more choices, better experiences and more control over what they engage with.

California Consumer Privacy Act

California’s CPRA will be enforced in 2023 which will accelerate the adoption of privacy friendly technology across the advertising industry such as data clean rooms which offer consumer facing platforms superior data governance and controls to comply with consumer privacy regulation adoption across multiple states.

Privacy friendly technology

Adoption of privacy friendly technology means less reliance on legacy technology solutions in advertising such as tagging on a per campaign basis.

Insight driven optimization

The general industry trend toward insight driven optimization will continue as we adopt these new data technologies which will enable more reliable always on capabilities that we have had before