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Organization Design and the End of Proximity

With an increasingly geographically dispersed workforce, new forms of organization will open up. With technologies enabling individuals to collaborate irrespective of location, and time zone. And with new organizational models emerging. Enabling experts, in specific areas of marketing, to connect – irrespective of location. Organization design will be a key topic for marketers in 2023. And will become a mature consultative capability offered by the major agency holding companies.

Generative Creativity

2023 is likely to be the year when the advertising industry first starts to see the impact of generative creativity reach our shores. The latest developments from text-to-image AI technologies such as DALL-E2 and Google’s Imagen and Phenaki, combined with advancements in conversation-AI such as Chat GBT, will unlock remarkable opportunities for brands. From the auto-creation of personalized image-based assets through to the development of, ostensibly, sentient conversational marketing. Expect to see Global Head of Generative Creativity roles appearing in 2023.

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Creator Portfolio Marketing

2023 will see a significant increase in creator marketing.  With brands building a portfolio of creators. Using them as a channel and also a creative production capability. Supporting them across a range of social and video platforms. Using marketing money to enhance their impact. Working with them to create cobranded products.  With some pioneering brands building brand-DAOs, enabling the community to shape the business itself.