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Example of in-car payment screen featuring the Shell app (Photo Credit: Jaguar)

Our latest issue of Media Pulse covers Mobile Marketing with insights on cutting edge mobile technologies, services and consumer behaviors. You’ll also find predictions on what it takes to dominate in the mobile ecosystem from our leading mobile experts around the world and across our agencies.

Mobile World Congress 2017, held in Barcelona last month, provided an ideal cross section of the newest applications, devices – or in some cases the return of old classics like Nokia and Blackberry – and developments in the mobile industry.  Over 100,000 people from over 200 countries with 2,300 exhibiting companies made 2017 the largest Mobile World Congress yet.  The theme, Mobile: The Next Element, was reflected in the sheer number and range of participants and prospects for the future.  Every aspect of the mobile ecosystem was represented from immersive and personalized mobile content to content providers like Netflix and Vice partnering with mobile carriers, with plans for global expansion, to 5G, mobile IoT innovations, mobile commerce, search and even the first in-car payment system.

The possibilities for the future of mobile and mobile marketing are truly tremendous as the opportunities for marketers to reach customers in new, immersive, more engaging and meaningful ways, are seemingly endless.

Click here to watch OMD UK’s CEO, Dan Clays, speak with Campaign on what he sees as the biggest trends at MWC or here to read about even more in-depth highlights from the conference.

In this issue, you’ll also get insights on how mobile marketing has transformed from a question of “Why?” to “How?” given the exponential growth and speed of adoption as well as consumers growing dependency on mobile devices. We’ll also provide an exciting outlook on the future of mobile and what’s to be expected with the next wave.

We hope you walk away from this issue, with your mobile device in hand, inspired by all of the possibilities encompassed in that small, but powerful, device – just make sure to watch where you’re walking!