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By: Monica Farji, Strategic Planning Director, PHD Mexico

2017 has certainly been a dynamic and challenging year. Going into 2018, we’ve extracted three main takeaways from the past year to take us into the new one:

1. Storytelling 3.0: A New Pitch Approach We can all agree there are no rules when it comes to projects and pitches – each is different in their own way. But one consistent theme definitely did emerge this year: the purposeful use of data. Clients not only expect for agencies to collaborate in the integration process, but to analyze and use the information in media plans in real time to improve their business performance. This includes working together with clients, hypothesizing, creating solutions and measuring results.

2. Stick to the Process and Elevate the Outcome
Following the planning process pays off. It does not guarantee success, but helps avoid challenges, the best way to approach them and best possible solutions. While working on pitches or current clients, evaluate how rigid or flexible the process can be and act accordingly. The a clear process will help you align teams around a common understanding and guide next steps. Suddenly, you’ll notice the team working fluidly in collaboration, with information flowing and ideas rising.

3. Get Started. Test and Learn.
When the time is right – dare to test and experiment to win. Exploring new ways of doing things and testing limits can often result in positive new ways of working. Dive into projects head first, there’s always a possibility to grow from the experience, even if there are lots of unknowns or uncertainties. Make assumptions, generate hypotheses and make decisions in real time. Get used to constant evaluation and use learnings to change, reinforce or improve an ongoing process.

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. Aim for a seamless interaction with the client. Elevate the conversation and bond the relationship over a brilliant media execution. Remember, building trust with clients is key to a fruitful and lasting partnership.