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This article was originally published by afaqs

The study will set guidelines and benchmarks that can direct future planning practices.

Given the increasing importance of video in digital planning, Omnicom Media Group India has launched Video Planning Norms study to set guidelines and benchmarks that can direct future planning practices. Comprising data from over 90 brand lift studies conducted since 2016, the scorecard gages the impact of video campaigns in purchase intent, consideration, brand awareness and ad recall across various categories and demographics.

By standardising benchmarks on uplift across these four metrics, clients of Omnicom Media Group India and its agencies – OMD and PHD, can better plan their digital campaigns around their strategic objectives, ensuring more efficient targeting and stronger delivery on their KPIs. As the Video Planning Norms study is an ongoing initiative, new datasets are continuously being added as they arise, in order to widen the scope of the study and the accuracy of its findings.

Some of the insights brought to light from the study include:

Ad recall is the most receptive to media inputs, in relation to other metrics such as brand awareness, consideration and purchase intent, and shows an average relative lift of 29%

The bigger the brand, the lower the uplift; the smaller the brand, the better the scope of higher uplift. i.e. ads with lower base ad recall scores would deliver higher lifts and vice versa

There is better value in focused delivery than expanding the base, as apparent by the double lifts across metrics for two plus frequency

Range and threshold levels differ across categories and setting the possibilities for maximising impact; CPG between 2% – 79%, versus Automotive between 5% – 63%

Omnicom Media Scorecard

Omnicom Media Group India’s ‘Video Planning Norms’ Scorecard

With demographic cuts, age rather than gender is the main differentiator. There is greater impact of the video ad on younger age groups, but greater impact on brand equity (kindled by the video ad) among older age groups

Commenting on the launch of the study, Rachna Narain, managing partner – business intelligence at Omnicom Media Group India, says in a press release, “Measurement is a key impetus for exponential digital media growth, especially in India. Our study on video norms provides our planners with a first-of-its-kind, data-backed yardstick to improve planning efficiencies for our clients.”

Harish Shriyan, chief executive officer, Omnicom Media Group India, says in a press release, “Since its inception, Omnicom Media Group India has had an unwavering focus on digital and producing industry firsts for our clients. Leveraging on our scale of operation and diverse portfolio of clientele gives us the advantage to dive deep into data, in order to devise and deliver the most effective and efficient consumer-centric solutions for our clients. As digital continues to gain momentum, it’s important to have such norms that can act as a guardrail. We hope this study will benefit the industry and help address some of the questions that brands and marketers have on video planning.”

Click here to view the full report.