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The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, debuted an overwhelming number of fascinating new toys for engineers, marketers, innovators and 5-year-old children, to play with. Some of the brilliant minds at Omnicom Media Group put their heads together and chose their top picks from this year’s show floor.

Watch Omnicom Media Group’s “Best of CES 2017” presentation here, and see what Anna Nicanorova, Director, Annalect Labs; Craig Atkinson, Chief Investment Officer, PHD; Jon Schaaf, President, Enterprise Partnerships, Omnicom Media Group and Ben Winkler, Chief Investment Officer, OMD, have to say about 2017’s most innovative and disruptive new products.

This issue of Media Pulse is brimming with technological advancements, advice and use cases that could blow any robot’s mind. A new age is, again, upon us and the issues around emerging technology tend to focus on how the average consumer adopts them, as much as the means by which they are advancing. It doesn’t matter who develops the coolest, most cutting edge product first  it’s the first company to figure out how to implement that product in the average person’s life that really shines.

This puts us at an especially exciting time when all limits are being pushed and the totally unfamiliar is becoming a little more normal with every day that passes. Think artificial intelligence and augmented reality, which seemed futuristic and fictional just a few short years ago – now you can find both in a rapidly growing number of average households. This month, see what Omnicom Media Group’s thought leaders from around the world have to say about it.