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This excerpt is from an article originally published by WARC.

As lockdowns continues, to survive and thrive, brands need to find new ways to continue operating through digital commerce. This could be through developing greater eCommerce strategies and shifting communications to promote online ordering, or by adapting the products they sell in order to fulfill consumers’ changing needs.

In a recent article for WARC, I gave my top five tips that brands need to consider when pivoting to eCommerce. These are:

  1. Utilizing existing platforms
  2. Launching a DTC (Direct to Consumer) platform
  3. Making every touchpoint shoppable
  4. Adjusting your product offering to suit changing needs
  5. Ensuring you’ve got the right messaging in place

It is highly likely that new online shopping behaviors developed during this period will stick, even after life returns to normal, so it is crucial that new capabilities within digital commerce are developed and subsequently, maintained. And these five tips are a great place to start!

To read the full article and delve into my top tips, visit WARC here. Or to find out how we can help, get in touch!


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels