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April 27, 2023 | By Robert Williams

MIAMI – The United States is becoming more multicultural and diverse, pushing marketers to find ways to make their brands relevant to consumers such as younger people with growing spending power. Women have a key role in this transformation as businesses value their insights and leadership.

“Leaders are looking to work with people that are different from them — embrace diverse opinions, embrace diversity, and our culture is really switching around that,” Megan Pagliuca, chief activation officer at Omnicom Media Group, said in this interview with consultant Joanna O’Connell at MMA Global’s Possible 2023 event.

Pagliuca said she has seen the glass ceiling block women from leadership roles, and that she’s grateful she works at a company that supports women’s professional growth. Her past experience includes creating a women in leadership organization to help drive change at a former company.

“I brought in strong women leaders and tried to really change the culture from the ground up,” she said. “Now, I see that push happening across many organizations and happening at so many levels. So it’s great to see the evolution.”