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Michael Bürgi | January 9, 2024

The partnership follows an initial testing of proof-of-concept for audience-based planning for creator spend that matched audiences derived from Omnicom’s Omni orchestration platform and/or client first-party data to TikTok influencers. Though the agreement, Omnicom’s clients have access to TikTok’s creators in TikTok’s Creative Exchange (TTCX) based on those clients’ needs. The deal is effective in the U.S. for now, with the goal of expanding globally.

The partnership is part of the holding company’s longer-term efforts to improve influencer discovery and measurement, said Megan Pagliuca, Omnicom Media Group’s North American Chief Activation Officer. “We’re really using data to plan and select the right influencers and having a horizontal media plan across [multiple] platforms,” she said.

Such a program is of particular interest to auto and CPG clients, said Alex Siddall, chief media officer for OMG shop Hearts & Science, who declined to name names. “This actually is giving us the ability not just to accelerate that purchase and drive that intent for consumers,” said Siddell. “But we’ve also used this to move into driving relevance with other audiences including multicultural audiences, and expanding the strategic opportunity elsewhere that typically they haven’t really been able to get into.”

One OMG client, State Farm, is determined to understand how to unlock influencer potential in its marketing efforts, and though the brand hasn’t committed to spending on TikTok because of the program, Baldwin Cunningham, its director of media and partnerships, called the collaboration “encouraging.”

“Creators have always been at the heart of TikTok’s strategy. Partnering with industry leaders like Omnicom helps us better identify the creators that drive resonance and energy with the audiences that OMG brands want to reach,” added Tim Natividad, US head of enterprise sales, global business solutions at TikTok.

Since practically all Omnicom agencies deal with influencers in some fashion, OMG’s influencer practice, led by Kevin Blazaitis, helps enable their access to influencers beyond that top percentile that always get used by marketers. “It’s not just white women from Texas that we’re trying to reach,” quipped Blazaitis. “It’s much more focused on representative audiences and being able to find and identify them with data. It’s very data-led versus relationship-led.”