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SANTA MONICA, CA – Advertising agencies must continually disrupt their operations amid changes in technology, the media marketplace and consumer habits. For Mike Solomon, who in June 2023 became chief executive of Omnicom Media Group’s PHD USA, agency transformation is key to helping clients with their brand objectives.

“I can reach into all the amazing parts of Omnicom for any client that we are trying to create a solution for,” Solomon said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Michael Shields at the Beet Retreat Santa Monica, “but the idea is I can orchestrate it through the lens of how PHD goes to market and what makes us unique.”

Launched by Omnicom in 2018, Omni is the open operating system that supports all Omnicom agencies. Omni improves efficiency and effectiveness by creating an environment where the same data can be leveraged across workflow, insights, planning, activation, reporting, attribution and optimization.

“How we use Omni and all those things that link it together creates that … creative story that pulls it all together,” Solomon said, “but at the same time, we’re pulling all the best parts from inside Omnicom. We’re bullish on it and it’s working.”