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By Jack Neff, AdAge

Disney Advertising is letting VideoAmp into its clean room under an integration agreement announced today that will let advertisers served by both companies make privacy-compliant audience matches using Disney and VideoAmp data.

The deal does not cover the use of VideoAmp as a currency in upfront deals for Disney’s TV networks, including ABC and ESPN, as VideoAmp has done with such networks as Paramount and TelevisaUnivision. Besides Nielsen, Disney has also offered deals using Comscore and SambaTV data.

The deal does allow for custom integrations between Disney’s Audience Graph, ad exposure log files and VideoAmp’s proprietary TV viewership footprint to show advertisers exactly how audiences were reached and to optimize reach and frequency across Disney’s addressable TV, connected TV and digital properties.

“Obviously the currency conversation is alive and well,” said Dana McGraw, senior VP of audience modeling for Disney, “but this is about setting the stage for more accurate measurement.”

“We’re able to match on Disney’s first-party data and their identity graph, which gives us a high-fidelity connection and more accuracy,” said VideoAmp President Michael Parkes. “It operates in the same way as the currency deals we have running,” he said, providing “currency-grade quality and accuracy” and “paves the way” for currency ultimately.

The integration will cover insights across both traditional age-gender demographics and advanced audiences and business outcomes. While advertiser interest in the Disney+ ad-supported tier set to launch Dec. 8 appears high, this integration—which has been in the works for months to cover existing Disney ad offerings—does not cover that service at this point, executives of both companies said.

Omnicom Media Group has begun initial brand tests with VideoAmp and Disney Advertising this quarter within the clean room. The integration allows OMG to match first-party, second-party and third-party audiences in its Omni marketing orchestration system to measure delivery across platforms, Geoffrey Calabrese, chief investment officer of Omnicom Media Group North America, said in a statement.

The clean room integration gives OMG clients “unprecedented visibility into the totality of their cross-platform video performance,” Calabrese said. “This partnership overall is about finding the right consumers in the right spot across the Disney portfolio for any given client campaign.”

Disney’s scale and reach will help brands understand unduplicated reach across platforms, Calabrese said. “Matching advanced audiences across the Disney portfolio to maximize reach and limit frequency in a hyper-precise way is what we enable” through the integration, Calabrese said. “Now we have the ability to measure that in an always-on capacity on behalf of our clients.”

In the year since launching its clean-room technology—which Disney Advertising describes as industry-leading—it has handled more than 60 advertiser engagements while improving the speed of turnaround to under one week to move planning, buying and measurement to near real-time, the media company said in its statement.

In July, Disney announced an integration with The Trade Desk to allow programmatic buying across its portfolio through an integration of Disney’s Audience Graph and the open-source identity framework Unified ID 2.0 used by The Trade Desk within the Disney clean room.