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February 20, 2024 | By Alyona Uvarova

Campaign US kicks off a video series exploring the implications of generative AI for creatives, strategists and data analysts in advertising and marketing.

Generative AI is revolutionizing the advertising industry as we speak.

But when it comes to a topic with so much hype and so many unanswered questions, many of us are struggling to understand the impact it will have on our day-to-day jobs.

In this four-part series, Campaign US will break down how generative AI is poised to transform three key roles in advertising and marketing — creative, strategy and data analytics — equipping industry employees with the tools and knowledge to use it to their advantage.

In each episode, we go behind the scenes with experts from companies including Google, Ogilvy, Omnicom, Publicis and more to unpack how generative AI is transforming each of these roles.

Episode 1 kicks off with a brief history and definition of generative AI before diving into a crash course on what’s possible with the technology today — and what to be wary of from an ethics and safety point of view.

In this episode, produced by Campaign US editorial intern Alyona Uvarova, you’ll hear from experts including:

  • Adam Buhler, SVP creative technology, Digitas
  • Brian Burdick, senior director, product, search and automation, Google
  • Ray Lansigan, EVP corporate strategy and digital experience, Publicis
  • Clarissa Season, chief experience officer, Annalect
  • Kaare Wesnaes, head of innovation, Ogilvy
  • Paolo Yuvienco, chief technology officer, Omnicom